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Saurabh Londhe

Ex-President of RIT India Linux Users' Group | Red Hat Certified Engineer | Red Hat Certified System Administrator | Open Source Contributor | Linux User | Python lover | React developer
I have a bit of experience in the cloud. Worked on many cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, OpenFaas, and Aneka.
Successfully done a CI-CD for Angular and C# based project over Azure DevOps and worked on GitLab's CI for many projects.
Worked some complex utilities written in python. I am known for my quick understanding, fast and effective implementation of problems. Full-stack with Angular and React as frontend frameworks as well Python(Flask), Java(Spring boot) for backend development.

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My Career

Emtec Inc.

Worked on complex utilities written in Python. Working on technologies like React, Spring boot, AWS, Docker Compose, etc.

Sept. 2019 - present
Associate Software developement Engineer

Emtec Inc.

Working as a Trainee Software Developer. Working on technologies like Spring boot, AWS, Docker Compose, etc.

Jun. 2019 - Sept. 2019
Trainee Software developer

Emtec Inc.

Worked as an Intern for software development. Worked on various technologies like Angular, AWS, AZURE, Docker, Spring Boot, etc..

Dec. 2018 - May. 2019

Red Hat

I worked as an Intern At Red Hat, Pune. I was assigned a task to automate a Hybrid Cloud using ManageIQ and Ansible. In these 3-months I learned these technologies and completed my project.

July. 2018 - Sept. 2018

Rajarambapu Institute of Technology

Completed my graduation in 2019 as a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Enginnering.

  • First Year :- 6.51
  • Second Year :- 7.36
  • Third Year :- 7.9
  • Final Year :- 8.96

  • CPI :- 8.08

July. 2019
Computer Science & Engineering Student

My Skills

My Projects


Chess game made in Reach and Python

...   ...


This is a GUI based server configuration tool. It is made in Python and GUI is designed using PyQt4 & PyQt5 framework.

...   ...

Hybrid Cloud Automation Using ManageIQ Ansible

This project is one of our try to automate hybrid cloud using ManageIQ and Ansible.

...   ...


Simple File handing module to reduce writing efforts in Python.

...   ...

I'm Certified in

Red Hat Certified Engineer

A Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RHCE®) is a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) who possesses the additional skills, knowledge, and abilities required of a senior system administrator responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux® systems.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator

An IT professional who has earned the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA®) is able to perform the core system administration skills required in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. The credential is earned after successfully passing the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Exam (EX200).

Programming Data Structure And Algorithms Using Python

This course is an introduction to programming and problem solving in Python. It does not assume any prior knowledge of programming. It goes on to cover searching and sorting algorithms, dynamic programming and backtracking, as well as topics such as exception handling and using files. As far as data structures are concerned, the course covers Python dictionaries as well as classes and objects for defining user defined datatypes such as linked lists and binary search trees.